Voices is open to anyone with a psychedelic viewpoint to express.  Past voices and present voices are equally welcome. Send your own or another's "voice" to the editor if you want a hearing. Space is limited, and this section has to be selective, but it's open to all interested contributors. Your views, perceptions, and experiences are of interest.  As we are an educational organization, we are particularly interested in gathering factual information that will contribute to deeper understanding.  In such cases, sources and references are desirable.  Hand-write your signature and attach a photo if you like, although in the case of sensitive material, we will understand your desire to remain anonymous.

The selections listed below present a range of viewpoints.  Two of them deal with critical issues that need a great deal more understanding on the part of the public.

The View from Australia, entitled "Trance Magick," is probably one of the best descriptions of a RAVE in print.  Raves, starting in England , have spread around the world, and take place frequently across the United States.  Governments abhor them, but have found no way to stop them because of the widespread participation.  Trance Magick goes a long way to illustrate what participants can find in a Rave, and why they are so attracted.  Because so many of the world youth are powerfully affected, it is important that this phenomena be thoroughly understood.  Only then can intelligent decisions be made concerning them.

Also included in this section will be selected personal reports of experiences that help to understand the value and potential of psychedelic substances.

Memorandum of the Appellant Timothy Leary

As indicated in several different postings on this website, the unfortunate misunderstanding of psychedelic substances by the public and the majority of government officialdom rests primarily on a single, fundamental issue. This is the fact that the majority of our scientists, government officials, and public at large do not understand and accept the fundamental spiritual nature of mankind, a nature which is often revealed in profound psychedelic experiences. Ken Wilber is perhaps the most articulate and most informed writer today who has delved deeply into these issues. A prodigious reader and digester of current scientific information, he has extensively studied the various disciplines concerning the nature and evolution of mankind. In addition, he has personally undergone the practices leading to the direct, personal experiences essential to comprehending levels of reality considerably beyond commonly accepted boundaries. He has written sixteen books, many of which deal extensively with these issues. Two key statements which can shed significant light in deepening the understanding of the spiritual nature of mankind are presented below. The first is a definition of meditation; the second is a description of the Perennial Philosophy.

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