An Experience of Jesus

From an Internet posting:

All my life I have felt somewhat different from my friends and associates needing to periodically spend time alone in beautiful natural settings and contemplate metaphysical matters such as the meaning of life and the nature of absolute truth. Although I was raised a Catholic and attended Catholic school for 9 years, I became agnostic after high school because of unsatisfactory answers from my nuns and priests.

While working as a Deputy Marshal, I was studying parapsychology, meditation and the benefits of psychotropic plants. While attending a Transpersonal Psychology conference I met a lady who introduced me to my first experience with the magic mushroom. We were alone in a beautiful park. During the experience I was made aware of the interconnectedness of all things and the sacredness of creation.

A couple months later, I received another dose of these special gifts from God. I had been reading the "Center of the Cyclone" by John Lilly and was familiar with his sensory
depravation work. I felt it would be most beneficial for me to experience my journey in total darkness with a minimum of sensory distraction. I shut all the windows to eliminate the noise outside and lay down on my back inside my walk-in closet. It was very dark inside the closet and I entered as deep a state of meditation as I could before the onset of the journey.

About 45 minutes after I started coming on, the closet became illuminated with a brilliant light. I opened my eyes and was utterly amazed to see Jesus standing above me! His face was obscured by the intensity of the light, but I could see the rest of His body. Peace and love flooded every aspect of my being and my mind was opened to a place where all of the questions I had at the time were instantly answered. In fact, before I could formulate a question the answer would appear in my mind. It was like being connected to a limitless resource filled with wisdom and knowledge. I was told telepathically that I had great potential and that I was deeply loved by
God. I had been agnostic by that time for about 10 years and was so surprised to know without any doubt that Jesus was real and could be personally contacted. I was so overwhelmed with His love, peace and joy that I wept for over an hour.

About 25 years have past since that profound experience in my closet and I have taken the mushrooms about 20 times since then. Each time has been profoundly spiritual, always involving communication with Jesus. For example, one time I had an automatic writing experience where I wrote "Place God above everything." I was completely unaware of what I was doing until after I had finished writing.

Another time I was told to develop a retreat for missionaries and He told me what land to purchase and how much to pay for it ($300,000). I had not yet seen the property and had no idea if it was even for sale. Later, the owner told me he did have the property listed for $750,000. He was an atheist and his wife was Jewish and initially he told me he could never sell it for $300,000. Miraculously, he sold it to me three days later for the price Jesus had told me to pay for it!

About four years ago, I was told by Jesus that He had something important to show three friends of mine via the "sacred communion" as I have come to call it. I was fearful because my friends had never taken any kind of intoxicant in over 20 years, and they were not aware of my participation. I had not seen them in over a year and I questioned the validity of the command. I prayed for a sign. The next day one of the friends called me and requested my help for something and asked me if I could pick up one of the other friends mentioned by Jesus to assist us. I asked the friend I picked up if he would like to receive something special from God. He told me that he had been praying for this for some time and what did I want him to do. I rented a hotel room and he took a tea I had prepared using the mushrooms. I sat by his side for 7 hours in total darkness as he experienced the single most profound spiritual experience of his life. He still talks about it almost every time we are together. I have written down his vision of Jesus and all that he witnessed and was told.

I also have the visions recorded from the other two friends as well. One utterly amazing facet of the third person's experience was that his body emanated a light-blue light from his waist down. He too was lying on his back in total darkness and had a sheet and bed spread covering him, yet the light shown through the sheet and bedspread for about half an hour! I swear this is the absolute truth. There is much more to share, but this will give you an idea of the kind of experiences I have been involved in. I have seen many similarities between these visions and near death experiences.