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"I do not know of any single document illustrating the extraordinary healing and transformative potential of psychedelics in a way that matches in its importance this book by Harriette Frances and the unique illustrations that accompany it. Her ability to find artistic expression for the images and depth of her psyche is truly extraordinary!"

--Stanislav Grof, M.D. Author, LSD Psychotherapy







Reviewed by Judy Kramer, who is a former editor of Timeline, and currently the non-profits liaison for a California state legislator. In here words, this book presents hope that "the worst of times—systemic environmental degradation, growing religious extremism, consumerism invading every arena, a global economy with no community accountability, ever more sensationalist news," can be replaced with "the best of times-- more environmental awareness, more understanding of the dynamics of domestic violence, more tolerance for interracial relationships, more women in the public arena, expanding global communication systems."


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