Probably no other scientific discovery has aroused as much interest and activity as the synthesis of LSD. Revealing broad aspects of mental and physical activity, LSD research brought to light powerful differences in perceptions and beliefs about the nature of the human mind, the human psyche, and  bodily processes.  The conflicts among various investigators were powerful enough to totally shut down all research, despite the discovery of many promising applications.

Vast differences of opinion rest between those who became experienced with psychedelics and developed safe and effective ways of employing them, and those who were confused or frightened by the revelations of unconscious mental material.  Particularly disturbing to many mainstream scientists and government officials were revelations under the influence of LSD suggesting and even verifying to many the spiritual nature of reality.  It is the latter who won control, and the former who now entertain little public and official respect.

The early heartening discoveries have now been confirmed by large numbers of personal investigators through illicit use.  It is now time to legally reopen these investigations with carefully designed, appropriately conducted research that assess the potential and dangers of psychedelic substances and their numerous potential applications.

Future additions to this section will be important key papers of the past, as well as reporting on new research.


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