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Science (pure science) and technology go together. What scientists get into experimentally is
limited by the possible technology. Technology, in a broad sense engineering, in turn depends on the insights of pure science. From earliest days there was always some piece of apparatus involved.   One very fruitful way of considering LSD is as a piece of apparatus for exploring mental processes.  Roger Walsh and others use the term "spiritual technology" in this connection.

On page 25 of his book "Thanatos to Eros: 35 Years of Psychedelic Exploration," Myron Stolaroff takes the reader to the early days of LSD research.  Myron got interested in LSD in 1956 and was immediately impressed with the remarkable learning opportunities provided by LSD.  This interest, furthered by additional valuable experiences, led to the founding of the International Foundation for Advanced Study, one of the pioneering psychedelic research organizations in this country.  The Foundation was located in Menlo Park, California.  Let Myron give a glimpse into the story:

"In the LSD state, it is possible to reach levels where the mind is sharp and clear. Fresh ideas and perspectives flow unhindered, presenting many new possibilities, often of great value. I felt that such heightened perceptions could be valuable in improving business operations. So I began to search for ways to utilize LSD at Ampex Corporation. At this time, I was Assistant to the President in Charge of Long Range Planning, and was a member of the Ampex Management Committee that reviewed and often arrived at management decisions for the Corporation.

"I made my proposal to the group, and immediately encountered enormous resistance. There
was great fear of trying unknown substances on as delicate an organ as the brain. My own
experience and that of Hubbard were completely discounted. I was too naive to understand
why. So I went ahead on my own, selecting a group of engineers who were good friends and interested in the experiment. With the help of Hubbard and a physician friend, eight subjects
underwent the experience at a cabin in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. There was a wide range of experiences, but all were impressed with the enormous openings of the mind, the ability to experience new levels of thought and comprehension, the gain in self-knowledge, and in some cases, the ability to solve technical problems.

"But much to my amazement, the results were totally ignored by management. I was to learn later that a member of our Board of Directors was also on the Board of the Palo Alto Research Center.

(From "Thanatos to Eros: 35 Years of Psychedelic Exploration" by Myron Stolaroff, VWB -
Verlag für Wissenschaft und Bildung Berlin 1994.  Copies of the book may be obtained from the author directly by contacting Myron via email:

or  surf to Myron's web site at:

Myron Stolaroff is a Director of the Albert Hofmann Foundation.

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