A Message From George Douvris, Hawaii.

Aloha from Hawaii. It is with deep respect, faith, and appreciation that I write you acknowledging your courage, dedication, and beacon of hope that your organization radiates for us lost and struggling seekers in the shifting shadows of ignorance, deception, and spiritual starvation from empty calories instead of holy mana. It is ironic how with so much positive input accelerating about psychedelics/entheogens from both recent and ancient sources on the information highways, we have to struggle for our birth right of access to the higher portals of reality. During the 1960's it seemed far more convenient to find a supportive subculture in our society. The arts, head shops, crash pads, etc. would provide comfortable and genetically familiar set and settings. I miss those days not as lost youth but as lost opportunity in the context of the all important present. Certainly through internet and growing bibliographies, videos, tape libraries, etc. it is an inspiration to see underground activity as well as momentum in the mainstream for legal sustainability, yet there exists a sad lack of community. Even in the neo hippy circles, I find either lack of interest or misunderstanding of the psychedelic opportunity. McKenna makes a valuable case for the solo-heroic doses, but I look back and forward as well to a time of group tripping rituals and tribal networking. Even when I visited Amsterdam several times and enjoyed the legal accessability to the sacraments, I felt a loss in the lack of psychedelic villages and communities. So like many adjusting as best we can, I will keep my eyes, ears, and heart open to an "Island" or at least support group that your organization can map for mutually interested explorers and settlers. Please keep me on your mailing list and link me to any appropriate directions. Blessings and Be Well,
George Douvris

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