Thoughts on the Potential of Psychedelic Drugs

by Myron Stolaroff

" Those who knew the superior hallucinogens through personal experience were not inclined to discuss with outsiders what was revealed to them: words could not convey to strangers the wonders of that night and there would always be the danger that the effort to explain would be met with incredulity and mocking that would seem to the initiate sacrilegious, would wound him to the very core of his being.  One who has known the ineffable is loath to embark upon explanations: words are useless."
                   R.G. Wasson

As we look at our world today, fraught as it is  with myriad difficulties, it is hard for people to realize that a radically different way of existence is possible.  For the world that we accept as the real world, and the way things really are, is embedded within a vast range of possibilities to which we all have access, whether we know it or not.

The wise men of all times have discovered that innately, within all of us, is unlimited potential—potential for increased wisdom, compassion, and creativity, thus the potential for turning our lives into fulfilling, joyous adventures.

Most persons, particularly in the West, are unfamiliar with such possibilities.  Our scientists have largely neglected this area, but the Perennial Philosophers, including the Buddhists, have long known that experience of such remarkable possibilities can be obtained through skillful means.

Many thousands of individuals in modern times have discovered that psychedelic drugs used with serious intent, integrity and knowledge can yield many of these same understandings.  Those who have worked with them sufficiently to become adept in their use, often find them a source of mental and physical rejuvenation, a path to increased clarity, freedom from afflictions and a means to reach their full potential.

A common shared realization of these experiences is that life can be joyful and exciting as one becomes contented and appreciative of oneself and others.  The current dilemma in our nation and many parts of the world is that most of the substances that can aid in such discoveries are illegal to possess.  Yet those aware of the potential of psychedelic substances know of no other means that can as rapidly demonstrate, for the serious seeker, the paths to resolution of many of the problems that we face.  Many experienced researchers have found that an informed program of properly conducted psychedelic experiences can reveal our own personal psycho-dynamics, provide greater understanding and improve our relationships.  They can introduce us to the harmony of all creation.  They allow us to explore other dimensions of existence and realize that dedication to positive work can bring self-fulfillment even as it raises the welfare of others.  To many, it is apparent that the proper knowledge and application of psychedelic substances can help accelerate the evolution of humankind towards wisdom, compassion and enhanced productivity.  At the present time only those with direct experience are aware of this important potential.  Currently, many elements of our government, our society and much of the psychiatric community view these substances as toxic and harmful.  We believe these misconceptions arise primarily from ignorance of drug effects, uninformed use and the pervasive fear aroused by encountering unfamiliar behavior.  Consequently a vigorous program of education is required to bring about general understanding, and open the door to more widespread, carefully conducted research and exploration.

We can do no less.

"Employed intelligently, they are not only safe but sometimes highly beneficial, since they have the potential to produce dramatic cures of both mental and physical problems, as well as to provide experiences of great personal value to some persons."
                 Andrew Weil

"The most beautiful mind the most profound emotion one can experience is the sensation of the mystical.  It is the source of all true science."
          Albert Einstein

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