Continued Application--Update

I waited six months before having another session, and it was very, very interesting. In the first place, I never got high but went right to the place of "knowing." I wanted to address death in this one--just had an urge to face it and know it. My answer was that death was irrelevant. Both life and death are irrelevant, and what matters is being always in the continuum of the Universe. And everyone is a sacred part of that continuum.

The most interesting thing was that I saw that I have uterine cancer. I had thought there was blood in my urine, but that wasn't where it was coming from. It has taken two months and a bunch of medical tests to determine exactly that--I have uterine cancer and will have a hysterectomy soon. Do you know anyone else who has used MDMA for diagnosis? I'm amazed at it. The information about the cancer I have now is that it is early and nonproliferative, so I hope that remains the case after they have more to look at.

I also decided during the session that I intend to be a seer, and that I can be a seer. The next day I didn't think much of that--thought it was rather self-important--but I do hope it happens. All my life I've wanted very much to "see" what was true, and it looks like this medicine might be good for that.

It seems to me that our national power structure has to keep drug policy the way it is even though the use of psychedelics could be such a benefit to some people. If people were more whole, happier, more clear-eyed and less conflicted they wouldn't tolerate any of the bozos who populate Washington, D.C., and the bozos know it. Psychedelics, used right, would make this country ungovernable by fools, so the fools are right to feel the threat.

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