LSD SESSION - Trip Report 1, IFAS-102

June 12, 1961

    The cuff-link, the diffractive effect, the pure circle of love that it contains, is a fitting symbol for life.  Within the rainbow are a million possibilities, no fear, no hunger, no cold, naught but love for all.  One may look into the circles, and shrink to a mere cell.  I did in fact do this and slowly but surely watch myself grow; the one cell to myriads, the bones begin to form, the sinews grow, the veins distend, the heart begin to beat, the clamor within to break free, and the journey down the birth canal out into the world; reborn.

    Several amazing revelations here.  I couldn't see anything but I was growing.  As I grew to where I was about two years old, I suddenly saw!  Paul was bending over me, and he was huge.  Just as he must have looked had I really been two years of age.  I touched Pamela's hand, and it was an electric experience.  I continued to grow and marveled that I did not burst at the seams  I felt complete attunement with everyone in the room, and deliberately experimented.  I noticed Goldie transcribing notes, and mentally reached out and touched her mind lightly.  I asked her to look up at me and smile, and behold she did.  I knew in fact, that she was powerless to prevent herself from so doing.

    Sitting by the window in the sun, it seemed that I was able to dissertate at some length upon the fundamentals of evolution.  I could see the unicellular creatures moving, pulsing and coalescing.  Evolve they did, each one in its turn serving its master purpose, then giving way to the next life form as it passed on the torch.  I was amazed to find that I could disrupt the Glacial balance, and by mental concentration cause it to move both ways.  Even an amorphous mass of plankton is directed by Intelligence though it knows not, and having been a cell in that mass, I dimly conceived how stupendous this Intelligence must be.  I could appreciate the Yin-Yang philosophy and accept its essential rightness.

    While concentrating upon some religious symbols, it is borne in upon me with a tremendous sense of awe, that I have been the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost.  It almost seems blasphemous, and yet I know it is not.  And as I realize this, I feel at one with the beautiful day, the stimulation of the colors, the people outside and whole world of man, yes even with the whole world of angels.  I thought of my family and how wonderful they are.  How privileged I am to possess, and be possessed by them; how I shall probably have the son I want so much, and how nice a person I have become.  At these reflections I am unable to contain tears of joy.

    I can comprehend that Lucifer lives in all of us a little.  Yet even Lucifer in his fall was assured of eventual salvation.

    I was able to comprehend fully the wonder of the words "Except ye become as a little child; ye can in no wise enter into the Kingdom of Heaven."  The words of Kahlil Gibran from "The Prophet" on children, the arrows, and we parents, the stable bow, seem most meaningful and beautiful to me.  I was able to see all of the expressions I could find in my wife in a picture of a woman that I was shown.  Mother, sister, wife, daughter, temptress, yes they were all there, and always had been. I needed to fear women no longer.  I could feel the deep sexual allure of woman and rejoice that I was able to feel it, since it is the font at which one must drink before any Life begins.  God forbid that it should be otherwise.

    Even inanimate things have pride that the intelligence of man

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