LSD SESSION - Trip Report 1, IFAS-102

June 12, 1961

  I looked into a diamond and it seemed to contain all of Life.  Evil was there, and yet it retreated and vanished at my touch.  It seemed that there was no right nor any wrong - only life, and neither life nor death since death was but the beginning of what J.H. Barrie had Peter Pan call a "truly great adventure."  Within that diamond are so many more things than any of us suspect.  I am powerless to describe them yet I know they are there.  Each man must interpret them for himself as he sees them.

    In the delightful picture of the guardian angel the tri-spatial effect was again present, with a great light illuminating the whole room.  Light is not the term I mean, rather it was a benevolent affulgence.  Bathing in this luminescence, seemed to transmute me into pure living color, and suddenly I was in the rose watching it breathe and unfold from a bud into a flower, no matter how I tried I couldn't change the rose, it was, and is, itself.

    On gazing at a picture of Christ, I knew that the pain of the wounds on the head had been born for me, and I did not have to feel them again.  The eyes were fathomless, as is the infinite, and not to be comprehended by mere men who are still "less than angels."

    Many experiences came to me in sequence thereafter.  I felt like a butterfly emerged but newly from the chrysalis, I felt also that the church of God should exemplify itself only by love.  It seemed that Man's mind is very great and what a shame it was that he is still limited and circumscribed in his ability to achieve by his imperfect understanding of himself.  Words are such poor tools of expression.  The picture of the last supper seemed to express the eternal and I wept because I understood it, yet could not describe or express my understanding.

    At my disposal were all the great minds who ever have lived and all of these could attest to the wonder of the universe, could I but express what they were telling me, and what I knew to be true.  But alas!  I could not.  It seemed to me that churches could not do anything to express this wonder either, since the human essence of being is beyond all dogma. The whole world and life itself is contained in the one Latin word "Sum" - "I am."  This I saw also in the picture of Buddha, and the pelvic cradle through which all human life must pass.

    Many complex thoughts were crystallizing within me at this time.  I felt that man will eventually bridge the barrier between what he feels and knows within as verity, and his utter inability to articulate it.  Perhaps telepathy will be the vehicle.  The eternal spark, the quest for far goals, the seeking for expression, these are the torch which fails not, though it may flicker, and is passed on from generation to untold thousands of generations to come.  Such an experience is cosmic in scale, and capture of an ideal is rare. What is important is the continued quest, not the interim achievement, since nothing here on earth is complete but merely a beginning.  Man and the intelligence that he is, the love that he feels, the sometime comic, sometime divine creature, that dared to raise himself erect on hind legs and gaze on the sun, will never destroy himself with a force of his own liberating.  The Intelligence that directed man to solve, to probe the mysteries of the atom, is a Force for nothing but benevolence, and will steer man and guide him despite man's puny struggles, do what he might.

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