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The Hofmann Collection Reviews
The Hofmann Collection: Research papers on LSD and psilocybin collected by Dr. Albert Hofmann over 40 years in his position of Director of Research, Sandoz Corporation. All 4,000 papers are now available for view on the Erowid website. Much of the research conducted was performed by investigators who had very little or no understand of psychedelic substances and their remarkable potential when knowledgeably administered. For those who wish to have an understanding of the true potential and valuable applications of LSD and similar psychedelic substances, we are selecting the papers produced by knowledgeable investigators and providing brief reviews of their published papers. If a paper is found to be of interest, a single click will take you to the home page of the paper on the Erowid Website. Here one may read an Abstract if available. To read the entire paper, click on Full Text in the Black box on the left-hand side. If you do not have a rapid server, it may take some time for the article to come up.
The list below is of the papers that have currently been reviewed. New papers will be added to the list as reviews become available.
The Hofmann Foundation is very much indebted to the volunteers who have offered their services in providing reviews of important papers.
Myron Stolaroff, Editor

The Therapeutic Value of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide in Mental Illness
By R. A. Sandison, A. M. Spencer, and J. D. A. Whitelaw

Treatment of the Neurotic Patient, Resistant to the Usual Techniques of Psychotherapy, with Special Reference to LSD
By G. W. Arendsen Hein

The Treatment of Frigidity with LSD and Ritalin
Thomas M. Ling and John Buckman

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
Letter to the Editor by John Buckman

The Use of Lysergic Acid in Individual Psychotherapy
By T. M. Ling, M.D., and J. Buckman

LSD and genetic damage. Is LSD chromosome damaging, carcinogenic, mutagenic, or teratogenic?
Dishotsky NI, Loughman WD, Mogar RE, Lipscomb WR

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide as an Analgesic Agent
Kast EC, Collins VJ

The treatment of twelve male homosexuals with "LSD."
Martin AJ

The Psychedelic Experience - A New Concept in Psychotherapy
J.N. Sherwood, M.D., M.J. Stolaroff, W.W. Harman, Ph.D.

LSD: Therapeutic Effects of the Psychedelic Experience
C. Savage, E. Savage, J.Fadiman, W.Harman

by Robert E. Mogar & Robert W. Aldrich

By A. Kurland, W. Pahnke, S. Unger, C Savage and S. Grof

LSD Chromosomes and Sensationalism
By Fort J and Metzner R

The Use of LSD-25 in the Treatment of Alcoholism and Other Psychiatric Problems
By Maclean JR, Macdonald DC, Byrne UP, Hubbard AM

The Therapeutic Potential of LSD-25
By Cohen S

LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide ) Treatment of Chronic Psychoneurotic Patients under Day-hospital Conditions
By Martin J

Dynamics of Psychedelic Drug Abuse
By Bowers M, Chipan A, Schartz A, Dann OT

Lysergic acid diethylamide as a variable in the hospital treatment of alcoholism. A follow-up study
By Bowen WT, Soskin RA, Chotlos JW

LSD-25 Helps Schizophrenic Children
By Bender L, Goldschmidt L, Siva DV

The Influence of LSD on Unconscious Activity
By Eisner, BG

Serotonin Theory of Dreaming (LSD infusion)
By Torda C

The Religious Experience: Its Production and Interpretation
by Timothy Leary

Reactions to Psylocybin administered in a supportive environment.
by Timothy Leary, Ph.D., George H. Lewing, A.B. and Ralph Metzner, Ph.D.

Use of d-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide in the Treatment of Alcoholism
by N. Chwelos, D.B. Blewett, C.M. Smith and A. Hoffer
From the Quart. J. Stud. Alcohol 20, 577-590 (1959)

Psychotherapy with Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
by Eisner B.G. and Cohen S.

The Experimental use of Psychedelic (LSD) Psychotherapy
by Pahnke W.N., Kurland A.A., Unger S., Savage C., Grof S.

LSD in the Treatment of Alcoholics
by Kurland, Savage, Pahnke, Grof, Olsson 1971

LSD as a Therapeutic Tool
By Schmiege, GR J. med.Soc., 1963; 60:203-207

Psychedelic Psychotherapy (LSD) in the Treatment of the Patient with a Malignancy
By Kurland AA, Pahnke WN, Unger S, Savage C, Goodman E

Attenuation of Anticipation: A Therapeutic Use of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
By Kast E, Psychiat quart,1967



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