The experimental use of psychedelic (LSD) psychotherapy
Pahnke WN, Kurland AA, Unger S, Savage C, Grof S
Int. J. Clin. Pharmacol., 1971; 4:446-454

Reviewed by Stephen Trichter

This study goes through a series of experiments looking at the role of LSD
in psychotherapy. One experiment looking at the effects of LSD in alcoholic
patients found that when these subjects received a high dose of LSD
(350-450 micrograms) and had a peak experience (as reported by their
therapist), there was an increase in likelihood that there would be
improvement up to six months later.

The researchers also discuss how in their various experiments in LSD
psychotherapy, there has not been any evidence of any harm being done to
the patient. These experiments include working with alcoholics, narcotic
users and terminally ill patients. This is a promising piece of evidence as
we look into the possibility of doing further research looking at the
benefits of LSD assisted psychotherapy.

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