LSD Chromosomes and Sensationalism
By Fort J and Metzner R

Psychedelic Review 1969

Reviewed by Gwyllm Llwydd

A general rebuttal to Sydney Cohen's assertions and media manipulations
around supposed chromosome damage caused by LSD, first put forth in
Science, March 1967.

Metzner and Fort deconstruct the miss-information put forth by some very
shoddy research and dubious interpretation of findings from control groups.

The article is tight and succinct. It is worth the read, and is an important document
regarding Drug Disinformation, and the rebuttal thereof. I would recommend it to all
who are interested in the subject of LSD and popular misconceptions that often
arise concerning LSD.

If you wish to read the entire paper on the Erowid site, click here. Here one may
read an abstract if available. To read the entire paper, click on full text in the
black box on the left-hand side. If you do not have a rapid server, it may take some
time for the PDF article to come up.

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