The treatment of twelve male homosexuals with "LSD."
(followed by a detailed account of one of them who was a psychopathic personality)
Martin AJ
Acta psychother., 1962; 10:394-402

Review/summary by Doug Fraser:

After a brief introduction outlining several theories of homosexuality, the results
of using psycholytic doses of LSD to resolve patients' conflicts about their homosexual
tendencies is summarized. The theory examined is whether LSD, due to its ability to evoke
the recall and re-experiencing of early memories, will facilitate the resolution of early
emotional conflicts when combined with the transference relationship between the patient
and the therapist. Of the 12 men in the study, 7 were reported to have switched their sexual
orientation. and remained so after 3 to 6 years of follow-ups.

A detailed summary of one patient and his LSD sessions is presented as an example.
First, the patient's history is summarized (childhood, career, medical history, etc). Then a
brief account of the first 5 LSD sessions and the psychological issues that arose are
examined, such as his hostility towards his mother. One notable breakthrough was the
4th session where he relived the attempt he made to have sex with his mother at the age
of 10. Processing this liberated a good deal of guilt and the patient realized this was
the event that triggered his homosexual tendencies. Finally, the later sessions and the
follow ups are briefly given, which show how the patient has adjusted and progressed -
no more social anxiety, he found an interesting job, and got married.

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