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The goal of this project is to develop a comprehensive, interactive bibliography on psychedelics and psychedelic research, and make that information available for free via computer on the World Wide Web (WWW). With so much effort going into trying to conduct clinical trials with psychedelics, it's important to protect and make available the valuable papers of the psychedelic pioneers.

The interactive bibliography project emerged from a study conducted into the feasibility of producing a CD-ROM on Psychedelic Research. The difficulties encountered revolved around the prohibitive cost of reprinting copyrighted material and acquisition of all the actual articles. In concluding the feasibility study, the logical next step seemed to be to develop a Web site containing bibliographic data on psychedelic research. A CD-ROM on Psychedelic Research may still evolve after a year or more of developing the less costly Web site. CD-ROM is considered a more useful format by many because it avoids having to connect to the Internet. Such a project could benefit from the accrued feedback of users of the pilot Web site.

 Current Limitations

 While most researchers already have access to the National Library of Medicine's Medline database, that database only covers articles from 1966 to the present. Many domestic and foreign publications before 1966 have unfortunately never been referenced in electronic form. This bibliography will contain upwards of 6,000 references to both books and journal articles, and be incrementally developed as resources such as abstracts, graphics, and full texts of articles become available. It is of greatest use to researchers, although students, libraries, government officials and the psychedelically curious will find the information useful.

 Great Features

 An online bibliography has virtually limitless possibilities for expansion. The full-text and abstracts of any articles no longer copyrighted or articles that we obtain permission to reprint can be featured. The bibliographic listings can be amended by reviewing bibliographies privately compiled by individual researchers. The WWWPB currently contains the Sandoz Bibliography from 1943-1966, Dr. Alexander T. Shulgin's bibliography on MDMA, and bibliographic collections on Ibogaine, Psychedelics and the Dying, Aminorex, Indigenous use of Psychedelics, medical marijuana, and more.

 The drugs to be included on the archive will be:



Information on other psychedelic drugs may be included.

A Common Goal

 Development of an interactive WWW bibliography is both an integral step and a useful tool toward furthering psychedelic research. It begins a process of digitizing and protecting the body of valuable psychedelic research papers for posterity, a project that is important to all three organizational sponsors. In the spirit of collaborative effort, interested readers are invited to submit any suggestions or individual bibliographies to me at

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 The World Wide Web Psychedelic Bibliography


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