A Discussion with Doctor Albert Hofmann, Ph.D.

Myron Stolaroff called Dr Hofmann on August 23, 2006, here are Myron's notes:

Having been under the weather for a few months and now beginning to recover, I realized how much I have neglected contacting Dr. Hofmann. I was fortunate to reach him this morning (evening in Switzerland), and we had a very rewarding discussion. I am delighted to report that despite his being over One Hundred and One-half years old, he is still very much enjoying life, and still has a lot of important information that is well worth pondering.

At this age, he does have to take things easier, and likes to lay down and rest for an hour or so. Now three days ago I reached 86 years old, and I need to rest probably twice or three times as long as him. It is remarkable how well his different body parts are holding up. For example, he does not use glasses, and has excellent vision. In the past, he greatly enjoyed walking around the beautiful property spread below his home. He still enjoys this, but doesn't go as far, and uses walking sticks to take some of the strain off his knees. It seems as though his awareness continues to grow and expand, as he loves to see the flowers and plants and gardens. He is very thrilled by all of the lovely sights that surround his beautiful home, which stands alone on a hill that provides an excellent view of the landscape below, as well as the lovely trees that grow on the higher levels of surrounding hills. As time develops, Dr. Hofmann experiences a growth in consciousness, exposing the beauty of creation.

Dr. Hofmann has been the creator of many valuable compounds, but there is no question in his mind that LSD is the most valuable discovery. Unfortunately, many nations in the world do not understand the capabilities of LSD and what remarkable learning's and healings can be discovered by the appropriate use of LSD. Unfortunately, the United States, supposedly the source of true freedom, has chosen to depreciate LSD and similar substances, thereby depriving persons who are in pain or illness from powerfully helpful substances. Fortunately, things are beginning to open up, and it probably will not be long before the value of these substances will be accepted. Dr. Hofmann is quite firm in his belief that LSD will never die. As an example, he reports that Opium has been available and used for several thousand years, despite the fact that this substance has been made illegal by many nations.

It was an outstanding privilege to spend time on the telephone with Dr. Hofmann. Countless numbers of persons throughout the planet have been most grateful for the opportunity to take advantage of this remarkable substance, LSD, and discover the enormous openings and profound realizations that can be uncovered with appropriate application.

by Myron Stolaroff


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