Myron Stolaroff on the current situation regarding psychedelic research, especially regarding MDMA

An on-going tragedy is the failure of much of our government's ability to understand the enormous healing power of psychedelic substances when knowledgeably employed. An example is the determination of government agencies to prove that MDMA, a remarkably useful substance, is actually a dangerous substance that in time will produce serious brain damage in users. They were willing to provide researcher George Ricaurte, a strong supporter of this viewpoint, some $10,000,000 over a period of years, to prove this point. Based on one experiment involving administering MDMA to animals, Ricaurte stated that a single dose of MDMA could cause Parkinsons disease to the user. It turned out that the drug employed for this experiment was not MDMA, but a more potent drug, methamphetamine. With the courageous presentation by ABC of the document Ecstasy Rising last April, many other loopholes in the attempt to denigrate MDMA were exposed.

In my book Thanatos To Eros: 35 years of Psychedelic Exploration, now available for viewing on the MAPS website, Chapter 3 was devoted to MDMA. I stated: "For those who have been privileged to enter the sacred regions and appreciate the vast array of learning at our disposal, the psychedelics are priceless substances. But one stands out as especially unique, with outstanding characteristics exclusively its own. This is MDMA, code name for 3,4- methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine. The most fitting description that I can give it is that it is an "Outstanding Grace."

Now even more powerful evidence is presented for the remarkable contributions of MDMA. Neal Goldsmith has presented a very thorough and profoundly understanding document describing the characteristics and important applications of MDMA. The outstanding value of this presentation is that it goes far beyond the use of MDMA for clinical, healing, and learning functions, important as they are. But it demonstrates that qualified therapists can help clients reach profound levels of spiritual realization, which are of enormous value. This outstanding document can be viewed on the MAPS website by clicking here. As new, approved projects employing MDMA are permitted by the FDA, let's hope people everywhere may one day be allowed to take advantage of this outstanding helper.
Myron Stolaroff, Editor


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