by Francisco Lázaro Filho

Francisco Lazaro Filtho has submitted to us for publication his summary of his experiences with LSD. Once he discovered the remarkable properties of LSD and the enormous leanings and openings that LSD could provide, he devoted very much of his life to learn as much as he could. His whole life has been committed to spiritual/mystical search, which has brought him much knowledge , wisdom and understanding. He is most grateful for the remarkable, life-changing experiences that LSD has brought to him, and wished to make these outcomes known to others.

  1. LISERGY - can be considered the True Religion pervading the Cosmos. Its main and outstanding precept is the YES. Its main characteristic is the focusing on the Supreme Positive in all things, because It Sees the Divine Luminosity manifested in an absolutely positive and animated form, making clear all directions of Creation and Thought and of Being! It is the Land of the Endless Good!

  2. Its sacred and most wide representation symbol is the Etheric/Esoteric SUN, as the Logos Guarantor of all infinite luminosity, creative and exalting, which imbues, impregnates creation and dreams as being the Truth that feeds the Dreams of Light!
  3. The Sun (physical and logoic) represents the Divine Joy which is immanent in all this Religious Encompassing Vision. Wherever one looks to, one can see this Joy, immortal and positive! Crystal Joy! Joy of Life! It is also the Jubilation of the Total Self!
  4. This Lisergy is totally and intimately connected to the Enthusiasm (divine blow on us) for Life and to the Animus of Being and Living each and everything in life! To the pleasure of experiencing the Life, to the satisfaction of belonging to Her, participating, creating, walking the path endelessly. Of dreaming at last, everlastingly.
  5. The Spirit of Lisergy is a sort of Holo-Spiritual-Panentheist state of being and is overlaping, prevailing and permeating over and through every and any States of Spirit in any Entheogeny! Because it is the Vein of all true Mysticism! Must be sustained very high, with bravery! The Being-Lisergic is a Universal Ascended State of Spirit condition.
  6. Lisergy must Tolerate all contrarieties in its Love - because some receive It straight, directly, - and others are dragged to receive It through the first ones. For this reason It must reign sovereignly, being higher than everything! With large understanding of the others " being" (levels).
  7. With this Strong Spirit we can enter in any Mystery School and in any Entheogeny, as the Lisergic Truth is Only and One for any religious-shamanic Entheogeny, considering that Entheogenies are Mystery Schools where one learns the Religious Knowledge by Excellence, that comes from a sole source: That which donates Cosmic Joy in form of Light and Love for all Creation!
  8. In the Interactive Panoramic Vision of the Infinite Lisergy there are no shadows! Wherever you look with the Spirit, there is only Free Certainty and Light! No stain or residue of undefinition! All Is Limpid! There is no way to have fear, dread, darkness, possibility of surprises or any kind of unsustainability in anything, because All, in all, in every cosmic direction focused, Only Is and exists Only in Truth!, was made by Him, is within Him, sustained by Him in the Great Clarity! Any inference of distortion is ephemeral manifestation of polarization from the temporal bands of duality.
  9. All is Supremely Beautiful, Positive, structured in Him! He is the Breath that permeates this All which is absolutely Good! All the Mysteries are Good and can be freely searched for and explored.
  10. Thence the Absolute Confidence, Reliance on the resulting Power that allows us to fly, travel, explore, worship, re-create, dive, venerate, afford views into, trespass, DO! With no any minimal chance of loosing ourselves!
  11. There is an Inflexible Purpose in this State of Spirit: only theVictoy of Permanent Absolute Light over all other things! The Truth are the Dreams made Real!
  12. The only obligation of the Seeker under the Lisergy is that bound to the Lisergic Truth, this is his Ethics, the Warrior´s Ethics, who, as a Mystic-Shamanic, he receives directly and by himself, alone, in his heart, as a crowning prize of his searching life, which is Reborn! This is his starting point. The Truth is his only guide, is his Sun and is the presence of God and that is all that matters for him to go ahead!
  13. Lisergy is then this Truth in movement started thence from. Its first motivation is to cause the impulse and intention of fighting for the Light of Good in its righteousness. It is the beginning of the Flowered War for the restoration of the True Things in their due places and within the Man. For the Release or Liberation and Defense of the Original Child symbolising also the natural expectations of the Good which exists in all children!
  14. From there on one can choose for following the Way alone, guided by the fundamental freedom of the Lisergy, or joining any religious brotherhood stream. The Shamanic Lisergy Spirit can use the already existen elements such as Masters and Sources of Wisdom to enrich this Sacred Walk but it makes clear that the Master Power is the I AM Higher Self and in fact IS the Higher Guide and Seer, who in turn, whatsoever, must be linked to the Source of the Dream to walk righteously on the Path.
  15. Then there is the Faith and the Self-Reliance sustained with no limits by the Justifier. There are the Virtues to be exercised in this Battle of Love, such as Surrender, Humility, Persistence, Discipline, Fidelity to the Power and a good hint: the Christ Teachings. That´s when the LSD and Plants of Power have their role completed, causing the union of revelations in a Christic Entheogeny.

Note: The author (47) had a Rebirth with the LSD at age 16, was fed by the Magic Mushrooms and mystic-shamanic-spiritist studies continuously during the next years and presently lives as a Santo Daime (ayahuasca) official brother-member in Brazil.


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