The Gary Fisher Collection

As a new addition to the Albert Hofmann Foundation website we are working on re-publishing articles by Garry Fisher, Ph.D. You will be able to access all posted articles from this page.


Gary Fisher, Ph.D., is one of the very knowledgeable investigators in the early days of LSD research. He is a clinical psychologist who is one of the pioneer workers in psychotherapy utilizing LSD and psilocybin. His training was with members of the Saskatchewan Group who were trained by Al Hubbard. He did extensive work treating schizophrenic and autistic children as well as cancer patients. The impressive results he obtained in these categories give testimony to the remarkable potential these substances offer when administered with wisdom and understanding.

Dr. Fisher's papers published on this site are accessible from the links below:

Some Comments Concerning Dosage Levels Of Psychedelic
Compounds For Psychotherapeutic Experiences

by Gary Fisher, Ph.D.

Gary Fisher, Ph.D.

Successful Outcome of a Single LSD Treatment in a Chronically Dysfunctional Man
by Gary Fisher, Ph.D.

The Psychotherapeutic Use Of Psychodysleptic Drugs
By Gary Fisher, Ph.D. and Joyce Martin M.D.

Psychotherapy for the Dying:
Principles and Illustrative Cases with Special Reference to the use of LSD

Gary Fisher, Ph.D.; Assistant Professor, Division of Behavioral Sciences and Health Education,
School of Public Health. University of California, Los Angeles

Counter-Transference Issues in Psychedelic Psychotherapy
by Gary Fisher, PH.D

Treatment of Childhood Schizophrenia Utilizing LSD and Psilocybin
Gary Fisher, Ph.D.

A Note of the Successful Outcome of a Single Dose LSD Experience in a Patient Suffering from Grand Mal Epilepsy
Gary Fisher, Ph.D.



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