Collector Micah Melton recently sent us the below pictures of an original Sandoz box used to deliver LSD-25 to researchers. He kindly gave us permission to show these images on our website.

Please note that Micah holds the copyright for these images. If you would like to use them in some kind of publication or in any other form, please contact us and we will forward your request to Micah.

Enjoy the images!

The front view of the original box for distribution in the USA.


The same box from the back with a friendly warning.


The box from the top, with the upper half removed. It held
6 vials of LSD 25 in protective cardboard and cotton in the lid.



The Albert Hofmann Foundation thanks Micah Melton for allowing us to show these images on our site! These are the first images we've come across of an original box of this kind.

If you should have similar interesting items in your collection and would like us to feature them on our site, please contact us by e-mail (admin at hofmann dot org) and we'll gladly add them!




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